Accredited Costa Rica Dental Clinics
COSTA RICA DENTAL ASSOCIATION Dental Accreditation program
Accredited Costa Rica Dental Clinics
Accredited Costa Rica Dental Clinics

Patients seeking dental care need to be confident that they will receive care that is safe, effective, and consistent with the latest clinical evidence. Accreditation is a powerful tool to offer that assurance.

CRDA Accreditation Benefits:

  • Costa Rica dental clinics that complete of the rigorous CRDA accreditation process demonstrate to patients that they meet a challenging standard for excellence in patient safety and quality of care.
  • Pursuing accreditation is a monumental decision. Achieving CRDA dental clinic accreditation requires a commitment from all members of your Costa Rica dental team. With accreditation, you will have the knowledge and credibility to impress potential patients, hire and retain the most qualified professionals, and improve the quality of patient care.

Why Choose CRDA

  • When you choose the Costa Rica Dental Association as your accreditation partner, you are taking the next step to pursue excellence in every area of your dental practice that will help attract more patients and position your clinic as one of the best dental clinics in Costa Rica.
  • The CRDA promotes best practices and establishes high standards to improve performance.
  • The CRDA’s team of experts are highly experienced and come from a various dental care settings and specialties.
  • CRDA Accreditation will help you attract the best staff, specialists and professionals committed to excellence.

Why Should Patients Choose an Accredited Dental Clinic in Costa Rica?

There are many reasons to seek an accredited dental practice.

  • Safety: Accreditation focuses on patient safety: Safety and quality have long been the foundation of accreditation for more than 100 years.
  • Constant Improvement: Accreditation helps identify strong, growth-oriented practices dedicated to constant improvement.
  • Recognition: Insurers and other managed-care organizations recognize accreditation as an important indicator that a facility provides high-quality care.
  • Access to Resources: Accredited facilities have access to a network of tools and resources related to best practices in dental care.
  • Confidence: Dental clinics that meet international health, quality and safety standards, give patients confidence that they are receiving the best care. These standards are imperative when individuals and families make critical dental care decisions.
  • Quality Outcomes: Accreditation ensures high-quality outcomes to the patients and communities the clinic serves.