Why Choose an Accredited Practice
Costa Rica Dental Clinic Accreditation Standards program
Why Choose An Accredited Dental Practice?
Why Choose an Accredited Practice

When you visit your dentist, you probably don't look at all the degrees and certifications on the walls. But there's one document in particular that you should give your full attention. If your dental clinic is accredited, they should have a certificate showing their accreditation. Why is accreditation important? In short, an accredited dental clinic means that the staff at your practice have undergone a process to meet a strict set of standards that commit them to continuously improving the safety and quality of the care they deliver to patients like you.

Why does accreditation matter?

Dental practices are not required to be accredited. Accreditation is a fully elective process that demonstrates a commitment to improved patient safety and quality care. An accredited dental practice proves that they have, of their own volition and expense, voluntarily committed to continuously improve safety and quality for patients.

Not every dental practice is accredited. In fact, in Costa Rica, very few clinics are accredited. Dental clinic accreditation requires continual assessment and improvement of practice procedures. The CRDA encourages all of its members to have their practices accredited. It is essential for patients to ask their chosen dental clinic if they are accredited and to ask for documentation. We list all accredited Costa Rica dental clinics on this site.

What does accreditation involve?

Dental clinics in Costa Rica must meet several safety and quality health service standards. Once the practice has completed all the required documentation, they are assessed by our independent accreditation agency. If the dental clinic is approved, they are awarded the accreditation.

Next time you visit the dentist in Costa Rica, keep an eye out for their accreditation certificate from the CRDA. Let them know that you value their accreditation/ All of their hard work is meant to improve your dental experience in Costa Rica!